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Sergei Rachmaninoff LJ Community

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(no subject) [Jan. 6th, 2009|11:19 pm]
Sergei Rachmaninoff LJ Community

Hello fellow Rachmaninoff lovers! My chorus (The Washington Chorus in Washington DC) is performing the Vespers in May. We were supposed to do one performance at the National Presbyterian Church in Northwest, but now we're also doing one at Saints Peter and Paul Antiochian Church in Maryland. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. We had our first rehearsal last night, and when we sightread the Шестопсалмие (Hexapsalmos), the part where the sopranos split three ways and interweave it was so pretty I was actually bouncing. I've geeked out about Rachmaninoff with our director twice now, and it was great.

Also, on Thanksgiving, I had one of my three Rachmaninoff Plays Rachmaninoff CDs on the stereo, and my uncle got upset during one piece and started going "No! No! It's too fast!" (Unfortunately I can't remember which piece it was!) And when I said "Um... this is the composer playing..." I thought his head was going to explode. He then got really excited because he'd had Rachmaninoff's dates wrong and was saying "But he's been dead for more than a century, right???" and I was like "...no. This recording was made in the twenties." It was great :D
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(no subject) [Dec. 22nd, 2008|03:55 am]
Sergei Rachmaninoff LJ Community

I absolutely adore, I like most of all the Elegies versions this one, by Anatole Kitain, the student of the same teacher as Horowitz had:

As long as I know there is no acoustic record of Rachmaninoff playing the Elegie, only the mechanic one.

I collect records of Elegie. What pianists interpretations do you have and what are the best in your choice?
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Welcome to the new site [Dec. 20th, 2008|12:06 am]
Sergei Rachmaninoff LJ Community

It's a pity this community is rarely posted to.

I want to invite all of you to the site http://www.Rachmaninow.narod.ru

Hope you will find many many rare photos of SVR and other interesting data.

If you are the author of the site about Rachmaninoff, please write the link, I will put it in the links department.

Today I want to share one really rare photo:

On this rare photo one can see the performance of the fourth concert of Rachmaninoff
Bruno Walter as a conductor

Berlin, 7th or 8th of December, 1930
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Request [Apr. 9th, 2008|05:48 pm]
Sergei Rachmaninoff LJ Community

hello.  i've recently just joined this community after watching a Japanese Drama Nodame Cantabile.  In the drama, there were some of Rachmaninoff's work played.  but there's this one piece that i've been trying to find but i still can't seem to find it.  so i would like to ask if anyone can upload "Rachmaninoff- Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor, op. 18, Moderato".  it would be greatly appreciated.

thankyou in advance.
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(no subject) [Jan. 24th, 2008|04:54 pm]
Sergei Rachmaninoff LJ Community


Horowitz Moscow - Rachmaninov
�аг��жено Quarouble
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